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Real Weight Loss

Your personal and family guide for navigating grocery store aisles

for weight loss.


You want to lose weight. You decide that you are going to start making better choices in the foods that you consume. You make a trip to the grocery store, and you walk through the aisles.


There are so many choices out there. Which food brands will help you lose weight? Which kind of: breads, yogurts, cereals, sandwich and dinner foods, dessert and snack foods are a good choice for weight loss? Which labels should you look for? If you are like me, when I was wanting to lose weight, you don’t know which foods to choose. I know how complicated it can be and that’s why I wrote this book - to share with others how I was successful.


If you’re thinking of buying this book, you know as well as I do that losing weight is one of the most difficult challenges a person can face. This grocery store food guide will set you up for success. It’s how I lost over 30 pounds, and it’s how I’ve helped others lose weight, too. It just works. 

The information in this food guide will give you the ability to walk into any grocery store of your choice and be armed with the knowledge of the products that will help you and your family lose weight. You can eat most everything you like, not feel deprived, and see results in your weight loss goals.

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